Create the kayak of your dreams by adding sections using the Snap® OnTop Mid Piece! 

The Mid Piece works with your existing Snap® OnTop Kayak to create seating for an extra paddler or additional storage space.

This unique design is easy to operate and extremely simple to transport and store.

The Snap® OnTop Mid Piece is made of durable, blow-molded polyethylene for a rigid, high-performance design.

Snap® OnTop Kayak Mid Section

    • Middle section can be added to the Snap® OnTop Kayak (sold separately) for additional seating
    • Add one Mid Piece for a tandem kayak - more for additional paddlers!
    • Patent-pending, versatile, modular kayak design
    • Made of durable, blow-molded polyethylene
    • Easy to handle, both in and out of the water
    • Snaps apart and re-assembles in seconds using the Snap-Tap (patent-pending) system
    • Small sections means it is super easy to transport and store - will fit in the back of a car, in a small elevator, even under your bed
    • Rigid, high-performance design

Don't Forget! Add a Paddle:

Easy Tourer Kayak Paddle


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